These works are bridges between what I see and what I perceive. I take my lead from something I glimpse almost before a thought can be formed. It is a kin to opening a space between the words in a sentence, allowing doors to open and breezes to run through.

These paintings are testaments to the essence of what I love in both abstraction and representation. It is the luminosity of the gesture, the urgency of the line, creating caricature which whispers alternately humility and buffoonery. It is the high pitch vibrancy of color which urges my eye on to rest and absorb, to take flight or hover.

It is my intention to reveal beauty, as it is beauty that nurtures me. The whacky relationships, the wild , pulsing energy propelling life along. Unexpected release, the investigative quality of following a thought as far as I can take it. And then it takes me. Playing between the unconscious and that which we recognize as real.

Engaging in my pursuit of clarity, a door opens onto how to describe the elusive.

Pursuing a lightness in the magnificently complex state of existence.

Seeking majesty is a sense of the whole; an echo of the universal.