Artist’s Statement

The investigative qualities of making art is what keep me coming back. Surprise can not be overrated.
Angels visit from time to time. 

Art for me is born of connectivity and reference. The package is deeply satisfying, allowing for connections to the mundane, the spiritual, the personal, the political, the profound. Investigation with perception as tool, language is created; a visual dialogue that is both intuitive, sensual, and personal. The act of engaging in this activity throughout a lifetime finds me deeply grateful for this process.

Recognizing beauty and compassion as a sage I wish to follow, I allow for a process that embraces instinct and impulse, buoyancy and longing. I move fluidly between the real world and the imagined world, abstraction and representation, as I believe reality rests in these in betweens.

My connection to the lily as a vehicle to creativity goes back to 1988 when I stumbled upon a restaurant in the mountains of the pyrenees where hundreds of wild freshly picked calla lilies were set out on tables for the diners to enjoy. Just off to the side I glimpsed and heard people in the kitchen, smelled their cooking and felt the reverberations.
I did not stay for lunch, a fact I regret. But the experience and visual excitement seared itself onto my  soul. A few years before I had awakened from a short nap in a car at the Portugal border, to see women dressed in black picking this same flower from a hill right next to the road. And years before that, I learned about drawing, actually experienced drawing, by witnessing water lilies opening in a stream in Vermont on a summer morning while recording, pencil to paper. Having grown up in a city, I was drawn to these moments as guides to some sort of truth. Perhaps I witnessed unabashed beauty.  

It is through beauty and my response to beauty, creating wonder, longing, and celebration, that images fasten and adhere to my psyche. These are the things that trigger me, and that is what I know.

It is my hope that this work imparts joy and poses questions. That it may offer a door open for stimulating reflection and reference. That is what it offers to me. 

Through the stimulation of beauty and reference, I tap and trigger interpretation.

It is rhythms and relationships, the power of light and the grace of the everyday which amazes, nourishes, and astounds, engaging our whole consciousness to perceive humanity.

*The wild calla lily is a weed, symbolizing both birth and death, purity as well as fertility.