Artist’s Statement

The investigative qualities of making art is what keeps me coming back. Art for me is born of connectivity and reference. My language is created through dialogue with perception as tool. Always a dialogue that is both physical and intuitive, I find freedom and direction.

That art can mingle in a breath such layered meanings, where each can wander, is truly a gift. The world is devastating in its beauty and its suffering. There is no perfection, only the messiness of life and it’s eternal beauty, frail and homely. The practice of creative work is ever hopeful.


It is the pulse underlying life’s rhythms, that is the driving force in my work. How to access that is always finding its way. 

I use the lily as a tool, as are discarded things, creating reference in their inherent qualities. I aspire to aspects of containment and release. And play. I create objects that are homely and beautiful in their very flaws.

The elegance of chance [how things fit together] inspires an exploration into beauty, how things hold together, questioning how things come into being. 

buoyancy and longing

color and light. 

there is buoyancy and longing in color and light. over and over again form is taken in gesture and dialogue– this dance, lightly stepping, nearly floating, between longing and buoyancy, buoyancy and longing– mingling in one breath. 

as levels of saturation travel seamlessly through walls, we remain alive and hopeful, nourishing stamina, witnessing magic, bowing to longing, bowing to buoyancy.